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It is a tradition for the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence to host the INDUSTRY DAY which this year, on 30th of November was the 7th edition. This successful event has always been supported by the DEU Army Engineer Training Centre (Pioneerkaserne auf der Schanz) based in Ingolstadt.


Industry Day provides the unique platform where military subject matter experts from NATO bodies, NATO countries and Partners, have the opportunity to meet companies and enterprises, to share experience and knowledge in order to improve capabilities, products and services within the Military Engineering fields of expertise.


 As the host, our intent is to connect the Industry to representatives from NATO Command Structure, NATO countries and Partners, NATO Agencies, NGOs, IOs, GOs, Partners for Peace, CIMIC and Academia, in order to share experience, assess trends and state of the art products and technologies and finally to get a synergy of efforts for future military engineering capability development.


This is an exceptional occasion for companies to increase their visibility by addressing and attracting the special target audience to products and services in fields related to Combat Engineering, General Engineering and Special Engineering support in areas such as: Force Protection, Horizontal Construction Equipment, Defense Ballistic Barriers, Emergency Lighting, Infrastructure, Bridging, E-Learning Solutions, Boarding/Entry/Save and Rescue as well as evacuation equipment, Protection of Critical Infrastructure, Lighting / Power distribution / Batteries, Vehicles /Trucks / Transport coupling, Engineer Earthmoving Equipment, Demining / CIED / EOD Equipment, Ground Mobility Solutions, Rapid Deployment Systems and so on…


By Maj. Ovidiu DAMIAN (ROU A)

Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, Support Branch Chief


Industry Day is combined with the MILENG COE`s Information Exchange Seminar (IES) and the guests for this event are the basic target audience for the companies who are represented. This year, the Information Exchange Seminar was running from 29th of November to 1st of December 2016 and the main topic was "Military Engineering support to mobility in Article 5 Operations".  


During the evening of 29th of November, MILENG COE in cooperation with General Dynamics European Land Systems hosted a "Bridging Symposium" meant to assess current Industry capabilities on one hand and on the other hand military requirements based on lessons learned and experience in operations, training and exercises. There were 8 companies represented from 5 different NATO countries who briefed the audience during the Bridging Symposium.


On 30th of NOV there was the exhibition part of the Industry Day and this year we had around 60 companies from 12 different countries represented as well as various types of vehicles and equipment including an outdoor display area.


We thank to all who contributed to the success of this event and we are looking forward to the prepare Industry Day 2017 as follows: