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​​​​​​Information Exchange Seminar

Upcoming Events

03/12/202405/12/2024Information Exchange Seminar 2023



The Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MILENG COE) is pleased to invite you to participate in the Information Exchange Seminar (IES), to be held in Ingolstadt.


The IES is an annual event organized and hosted by MILENG COE which aims to provide a forum for the MILENG COE's Sponsoring and other NATO nations, PCM nations, NATO entities and other organizations to examine and discuss challenges of today's operational environments and Lessons Identified (LI) in order to find areas for improvement and future development.

As well as facilitating the exchange of information, the seminar will possibly identify shortfalls in MILENG capabilities to support efficiently the NATO strategic plans (collective defense scenario) in accordance with existing NATO doctrine and NDPP, share national experiences and approaches as well as identifying any gaps or areas for improvement and standardization.

Topic for IES 2022

The topic for the IES 2022 is “Counter Mobility".

This topic is not randomly chosen but is dictated from the current status quo concerning capability gaps across the Alliance. Counter Mobility is one shortfall that was identified by the Conference of National Armament Directors (CNAD). According to Minimum Capabilities Requirements 2020 (MCR20) NATO requires the capability to “rapidly deliver Counter Mobility effects to block, disrupt, fix or turn opposing ground force movements including armoured vehicles." This includes the ability
to create situation-orientated and target orientated Counter Mobility effects at short notice as the battlefield situation dictates.


Since MILENG is a function in support of operations to shape the physical operating environment, Counter Mobility is directly related to MILENG. Therefore, it is a logic choice to pick this topic as the main item for the IES 2022. Focus is on the Land domain in a warfighting scenario against a near peer adversary. Doctrinally the focus is on tactical Obstacles with the aim to shape enemy manoeuvre
and prevent enemy from gaining a position of advance. Desired effects in this are -disrupt, -fix, - turn, -block.


Central question for IES 2022 is: “In which way can NATO fulfil the requirement to rapidly block, disrupt, fix or turn opposing ground force movements now and in the nearby future?"​

​Target audience

We offer slots for military and non-military personnel who have an interest in the seminar topic:- NATO, PCM Nations, NCS, NFS, NATO Agencies, NGOs, IOs, GOs, UN, CIMIC, Industry, Academia.

Event Length

3 Days

Registration fee

Fee will be € 95 per attendee which covers the cost of the seminar organization, Icebreaker, coffee and refreshments, lunches, the non-hosted Dinner and office supplies.

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