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Information Knowledge Management (IKM)

The MILENG COE provides an IKM hub to support the gathering, processing and dissemination of MILENG related information through a single source of collected knowledge. The MILENG COE enhances and maintains relationships within the Alliance and the MILENG Community of Interest (COI) by networking MILENG knowledge and expertise in order to facilitate MILENG information capture in a knowledge portal. The portal is available to support the MILENG COI in effective mission planning and execution, in the LI and LL process, in concept and doctrine development, in education and training, in experimentation and in observation and training assistance/support as agreed by the MILENG COE SC. This information capture may include the deployment of MILENG SME to exercises and operations as appropriate. The IKM portal contains a limited LI/LL database on MILENG and MILENG related operations.

Developing Concepts and Doctrine

The MILENG COE provides a full time professional body dedicated to MILENG issues in support of NATO concepts and doctrine development, providing a permanent over-watch of emerging higher level and functional doctrine, ensuring that MILENG aspects are adequately represented. The MILENG COE assumes a leading role in the development and implementation of concepts, doctrines and procedures in order to contribute to the effectiveness of NATO forces through standardization and interoperability. Internally, the MILENG COE acts as custodian of military engineering and military search doctrine.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

The MILENG COE supports NATO LL process with the collection of MILENG related observations, LI and LL. The MILENG COE maintains and shares a MILENG related best practice, observations, LI and LL database. The MILENG COE serves as a hub for the accumulation and processing of MILENG related LI and LL consequently, through the conduct and attendance at SME workshops and seminars in order to focus on current, emerging and specific MILENG issues/topics.

Training and Education (T&E)

The MILENG Center of Excellence has been appointed as the Department Head for the NATO MILENG discipline for Training and Education.  This responsibility includes coordinating with the Requirement Authority (SHAPE JENG) concerning NATO level training and recommending delivery solutions for identified training.  The MILENG Center of Excellence has also been designated by NATO ACT-JFT as a Quality Assurance Accredited Institution.  

The COE achieves meeting its T&E objectives in a number of ways including:


The MILENG COE delivers a schedule of NATO approved MILENG courses that are designed to train personnel assigned to the NATO Command and Force Structure (covering from the NATO Strategic Level to the NATO Tactical level) as well as training national level interoperability. Support to other NATO Courses with MILENG content are supported upon request and within capability and capacity (e.g. NATO School Oberammergau courses).

Mobile Training Teams (MTT)​​​

Training is offered and provided in accordance with the Center’s Steering Committee guidance.

Individual Training Assistance/Support and Support to Collective Training​​

In principle, support to collective training and exercises is limited based on capability and capacity when compared with existing enduring requirements (e.g. individual training courses).

Observation and Assessment​

The MILENG COE SME may be used to assist commanders in providing assessment of MILENG capabilities.


The MILENG COE advises and supports the testing and validation of concepts and capabilities through experimentation with SME.