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​Mission, Intent & Influence


MILENG COE provides a significant contribution with joint combined subject matter expertise to the various aspects of military engineering. This includes concepts, materiel doctrine and capability development, education and training and the lessons learned process in order to support NATO’s military transformation, the participants and other partners. Thus, enhancing the Alliance’s military engineering capability and interoperability in order to improve the effectiveness of military engineering support to NATO’s missions.

Director's Vision

  • ​The MILENG COE is to sustain and improve on its already excellent reputation amongst NATO’s MILENG community and beyond. Professional, flexible and with a ruthless desire to deliver, we wish to see innovation, both in terms of concept development and training delivery at the heart of everything we do. ‘Continuous improvement’ must be seen as normal business.
  • The MILENG COE will continue to set the standard for all others in terms of producing a quality product to its sponsoring nations and NATO. Our training should be at the cutting edge, both in terms of delivery and of content, meeting the exacting requirements of our customers. In doing so we would expect our already strong course attendance rate to improve to 90% and beyond. We need to be seen as the first port of call for all NATO interoperability RFIs and as such we want to oversee a substantial increase in the number of capability requests for information coming from our community. In addition, we must ensure that this information hub extends to our industry and academic partners. 
  • ​We want to see the MILENG COE grow beyond its already impressive 17 Sponsoring Nations (SN’s) to eventually have representation from all those NATO nations that have MILENG Capability and principle partner nations. All of this must be delivered within a taught financial and structural framework. Essential to this delivery must be our people. The quality of staff provided is already impressive, this must be sustained, with a tour of duty at the MILENG COE seen as a stepping stone to greater things and both fun and professionally rewarding.​


The intent is to deliver the mission at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels, encompassing, but not limited to, all aspects of MILENG as encapsulated in MC Policy for MILENG and its supporting doctrine documents.


The Director MILENG COE is the Principle Advisor to SACT for MILENG, the Deputy Chairman of MCLSB MILENG WG, the Chairman of MILENG DPAG (to provide SME in support of NDPP) and Member of the NSJEC Advisory Board.
The MILENG COE provides the secretariat for the annual NATO Senior Joint Engineer Conference (NSJEC), is Department Head for the MILENG Training and Education Discipline and is a permanent member of the NATO CIED Task Force.
MILENG is a Functional Area in support of operations covering the shaping, improving and protecting the physical operating environment, coordinated by an Engineer staff. The MILENG COE therefore is engaged in all aspects covered by the MILENG Functional Area, like Environmental Protection, Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency.