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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Military Engineering Multinational Advisory Course (MEMAC)

Upcoming courses

07/10/202411/10/2024MEMAC 2/2024Ingolstadt
10/03/202514/03/2025MEMAC 01/2025Ingolstadt
06/10/202510/10/2025MEMAC 02/2025Ingolstadt


MEMAC is a course designed to educate MILENG staff operating at the all arms Brigade and Division Level (normally Engineer Battalion -Brigade personnel) on how to advise the commander and staffs. In addition students should acquire suitable knowledge of Military Engineering (MILENG) interoperability and NATO MILENG Doctrine relevant to this level.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • To work in a multinational Engineer Environment taking into account the cultural differences
  • Implement relevant current MILENG doctrine. Specific Topics include: NATO Structure and Doctrine overview, Gap Crossing, NATO Orders, MILENG input to Counter Explosive Ordnance, Counter Mobility Measures, Military Load Classification of Bridges, MILENG support to Force Protection and Air Operations, Environmental Protection, 
  • Summarize Multinational Engineer capabilities and capacities in order to advise the Commander and staffs on the utilization of Engineer units

Course Length

5 days 

Offerings per year

2 in-house; MTT can be requested

Class Size

24 max 

Security Classification

NATO Unclassified / Releasable to PfP/EU/MD/ICI/AU

Rank Limitation

Engineering Staff Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (OR 8 – OF 3) working at the Battalion and Brigade level.


  • Recommended language proficiency: Students must have the following standards of proficiency in English (STANAG 6001 ATrainP-5): Listening (Functional/2)Speaking (Functional/2), Reading (Functional/2), Writing (Survival/1). The preferred standard for this course is: Listening (Professional/3), Speaking (2), Reading (3), Writing (2)​
  • Students must be comfortable briefing in a multinational environment
  • Computer Skills: Students must be familiar with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel capabilities.