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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Annual Discipline Conference

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The aim of the ADC is to provide a synchronization opportunity for the stakeholders involved in the development of the respective discipline. The conference intends to achieve an adequate alignment and coordination of efforts to develop and sustain the Military Engineering Discipline.


ΝΑΤΟ Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (ΝΑΤΟ MILENG COE) as the Department Head (DH) for Education and Training assumed the role to coordinate a ΝΑΤΟ Military Engineering Education and Training Programme, under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation/Joint Force Development (HQ SACT/JFD). The ADC will review and update requirements and validate or adjust the Ε&Τ solutions to ensure that Ε&Τ remains aligned with evolving needs, available technology and resources.

Event Objectives

  • Το inform about the functional relations between ACT JFD, Requirement Authority (RA) and Department Head (DH), NΑΤΟ education and training facilities (ETF) and to discuss options to synchronize efforts, save resources and coordinate processes such as quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Το review the last DAP, the summary of the Requirement Authority (RA) approved MILENG requirements and develop the landscape of MILENG training opportunities (i.e. programmes, courses, seminars) currently available in ΝΑΤΟ.
  • Το provide a forum for the MILENG community of interest to express and identify individual and collective training requirements in a ΝΑΤΟ  environment, which may feed the cycles of the Training Integration Plans (ΙΤΕΡ, ΜΤΕΡ, ETOC, ePrime).
  • Το brief and update the participants on current and important developments and ongoing topics related to MILENG Training and Individual Education as well as to discuss the developments in Collective Training.
  • Upon review of the last DAP to establish Working Groups as required to initiate the analysis phase of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), which will facilitate the   development of new Education & Training (E&T) opportunities for identified E&T gaps as required.

Target Audience

 Participating organizations, NATO Commands (NCS, NFS), NATO/National training institutions and nations.

Available Documents

All documents related to the MILENG Annual Discipline Conference can be found on the MILENG COE Knowledge Portal.

Point of Contact

LTC Modestos LOUKAS (GRC-A)/Chief Training Development

Tel. number  :  +49-841-88660-5310

 e-mail          :