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Interoperable Bridge Classification Project

MILENG COE started " The Interoperable Bridge Classification Project" in the summer of 2016 with the intent to propose a common NATO standard (included in STANAG 2021 - Military Load Classification of Bridges, Ferries, Rafts and Vehicles) as an expeditionary method in nature, to be used in an Operational Environment for computing and to rapidly determine the load carrying capacity of civilian bridges along the maneuver routes.  The products developed up until the end of 2017 were based on national standards and they did not fit with other countries requirements where different design standards of building bridges were applied. Additional steps for products development and upgrades have been identified to include further data collection regarding with different bridge design standards form other countries and therefore trying to set up patterns to achieve standards covering different geographical regions. 


"The Interoperable Bridge Classification Project" was officially closed in 2017 and a new project has been proposed by the MILENG COE and accepted to be sponsored by the Emerging Security Challenges Division/ NATO HQ beginning with 2018, called "The Interoperable Bridge Classification Project - Upgrading to a Graphical User Interface", foreseen as further development and completion of the already existing products.


The plan is to have in the summer of 2019, 5 different products which will be disseminated to NATO Nations and Partners:

  • a Traffic Correlation Method, as a booklet, in the form of a Standard Related Document;
  • A Theoretical Background at the basis of the Traffic Correlation Rating Philosophy, in form of a Standard Related Document;
  • a Rapid Analytical Method as a software for Windows Operating Systems;
  • a Parameter Correlation Method as a software for Android Operating Systems;
  • a Detailed Analytical Method as a software for an analytical bridge assessment for both Windows and Android Operating Systems.

Bridge Assessment Course

Hosted by MILENG COE


Formerly known as the International Bridge Assessment Course, hosted by the MILENG COE which took place in Ingolstadt in 2015, 2016 and 2017, this renewed course will be organised as a result from the Interoperable Bridge Classification Project sponsored by NATO HQ and led by the MILENG COE.

The aim of the course is to inform the attendees on the products resulted from the above-mentioned project that will be proposed as NATO common methodologies for bridge assessment in the next edition of STANAG 2021.

The course will go into detail, explaining the students how the products have been developed and how they must be operated and it will be supported by the Subject Matter Experts involved in the products development for the last 4 years, coming from Belgium, Canada (the Royal Military College) and Germany (The University of Bundeswehr). Detailed reconnaissance in the field for some bridges will be also organized.

Target Audience

This course is dedicated for military engineers from NATO and Partner Nations (PfP and MD) involved in bridge reconnaissance and bridge assessment training and exercises – all ranks NCOs and OF 1 to OF 3.