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​Steering Committee


MILENG COE Steering Committee


    First Semester meeting: Ingolstadt

    Second Semester Meeting: Hosted by a Sponsoring Nation


Event Date: 10th November 2020, Ingolstadt (GER)


Next Event Date: 20th April 2021, Ingolstadt (GER)


The Steering Committee is established by the participants for guidance, oversight and decisions on all matters concerning administration, policy and operations of the MILENG COE.

Target audience

Attendance is expected from all Sponsoring Nations (SN) Representatives and financial advisers, representatives from the German MOD (the Host Nation) and observers from Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and Allied Command Operations (ACO).

Event Length

1 Day

Security Classification

NATO Unclassified

Rank Limitation

SN Representatives. In line with the MILENG COE Concept and the Operational MOU all nations are asked to ensure that their MILENG COE SN Representative is present at Steering Committee meetings. This representative needs to be in a position to represent his or her nation, in an executive function, to ensure that the Steering Committee can fulfill its remit as laid out in its TOR at Annex B to the Operation MOU.

Financial Advisors / Budget Managers.  In order to support the executive nature of the MILENG COE SC in approving financial statements, approving the yearly budget and providing planning guidance for the medium term financial plan, SN Representatives should be suitably empowered and briefed, or supported by a financial advisor or budget manager.


 All documents related to the event can be found on the MILENG COE Knowledge Portal (login required).

Point of contact

 LTC Sean Matten, GBR A,