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​Foto: Augsburger Allgemeine


The International Engineering Exercise organised by the EUROCORPS, took place from 9-12 September 2014 in the installations of Münchsmünster and the training area of Hepberg. Both training areas are in close proximity to the German Engineer School (Ingolstadt, Germany). Over 300 Military Engineers from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain participating, EURETEX is one of the biggest Engineer Exercises at the tactical level. The exercise provided an excellent opportunity to practice close cooperation and interoperability. Poland also participated as a partner and before becoming an officially Framework Nation (2015).
By LCL (OF-4) Hugues Besson (FRA A)
Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, Sustainability Cell Chief
The aim of the week long exercise is to train Young Officers’, NCOs’ & Soldiers (Platoon level) on Mobility and Survivability tasks, in order to exchange capabilities and TPPs on the sub-functional areas such as Sapper skills, EOD, CBRN, MILGEO, and METOC. LUX, BEL and FRA provided Troops who were SME’s in CBRN reconnaissance, SIBCRA (Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents), cross-cutting with EOD, and a FRA decontamination station. A complete RCP came from France to work together with DEU EOD and BEL EDD teams. BEL and DEU Armoured Engineer Vehicles, drones and much more were involved in the exercise.
The MILENG COE provided 2 briefings of 1 hour duration to the “Sapper” and “EOD-IEDD” players. From the soldier to the platoon leader, the aim was to present a simplified overview on the operational level planning and command, but moreover to provide the common standards in NATO. In order to facilitate the transfer of information for such a heterogenic audience, the briefings were conducted in English, but the slides were projected in English (NATO), French (NATO) and German (Host Nation). The MILENG COE Director provided a presentation on our COE within the DVD, with an audience of about 60 VIPs from BEL, DEU, ESP, FRA, GBR, LUX, POL and USA.




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Foto: Augsburger Allgemeine

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