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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam»
«We shall either find the path or make it»


HANNIBAL (247 – 183 B.C.)
    The crucial role of the Engineer Corps throughout history, not only during battle but also in peace time operations has been proven through numerous examples. Specifically in Greece, after key-events that took place after World War II, such as the Greek Civil War and certain huge environmental disasters, the Engineer Corps in addition to their combat missions, undertook several complex missions related to peace time operations. Through these events the Hellenic military gained a combination of valuable knowledge and experience through cooperation with Allied Engineer Units. This in turn led the Hellenic Army and civil authorities to create a technologically advanced Unit capable of undertaking a variety of special missions. Thus, the Hellenic Army decided to organize the 747 Special Engineer Battalion (747 Sp. Eng. Bn).  
    The 747 Sp. Eng. Bn. is a Combat Engineer Unit consisting of  Horizontal and Vertical Construction companies, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Units, Bridging companies, GEO, infrastructure restoration platoons, etc. Due to this unique composition, the advanced equipment and the specially trained personnel, the Unit maintains its combat capabilities, but can also support a variety of missions related with peace time operations. Additionally the Unit has the capability to conduct operations related to natural and technological disasters, as well as launch Search and Rescue operations with the organic Special Disaster Relief Company.
   During the past five years the Bn has participated in a number of demanding operations. The most important ones were the infrastructure restoration operation on Kefalonia Island, after the catastrophic earthquake, the restoration of the provincial road network in Akrata area (Peloponnese), bridge construction in Klitoria (Peloponnese) and engagement of the Unit in the forest fires that occurred near the city of Kalamata (NW Pelloponese).
   The phrase “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” (“We shall either find the path or we will make it”) of the hellenic-educated great Carthaginian General Hannibal, is our  “Beacon”, in order for the Unit to achieve and execute any mission assigned. 
    Following the link below you will find more detailed information on the 747 Sp.Eng.Bn., it’s history, capabilities and operations where the Unit took part as well as photographs of the operations that the Bn participated in during recent years.
«Κάνε άλμα πιο γρήγορο από τη φθορά»
“Take a Leap faster than decay”
Odysseas Elytis
“Greek poet, Nobel Prize in Literature In 1979”
Edited by LtCol Konstantinos A. G. Theodoropoulos
Captain (Cpt.) Efthymios Margaritis
Warrant Officer (W.O.) Georgios Fyttas
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